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November 2014
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OCTOBER 27 : Sister Tess & Sister Deanna burn down the belly kitchen, but that's ok because we will have some lovely firemen handy; Vasudha from the Dinkum Bohos sings live in the kitchen; Jude Fanton with all your seedsaving and veggie patch news; and so much more cos it's the last belly of the bayfm winter season.


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Welcome to the belly site.  If you’ve never listened to belly, the very tasty radio show on bayfm99.9 in Byron Bay, Australia, click on bellysisters above the rainbow to see who we are.  You can also find some of our recipes there,  a market guide and extracts from some of our regular series.

Click on the relevant  calendar dates for the radio show posts, or the pink word cloud for popular topics.

You can get to recipes by scrolling on the recipe button above the rainbow, or by clicking recipes on the right, or by using the belly search box (which will find a lot more recipes by trawling through all the show posts on this site).  Plan A was to put all the recipes in the recipe list, but this is proving to be just too much work for now.  But we’re told that our search function works really well.

You can find more bellyness, and lots of info about the music we play, at our old home on

The belly site is also a place for anyone to share information and opinions about food both here and far away.  And to let us know if there is anything we should be talking about on air.  I seem to have finally filtered most of the dodgy messages we were getting, so it would be great to hear from listeners or anyone who finds the e-belly, via the comments boxes.

I have also finally made it onto Twitter, please say hi if you like to tweet, as SisterT@BellySister

Love and chocolate cake as always,

Sister T



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11 comments to the online home of the bellysisters

  • Leonie Dickinson

    Great to see the bellies on the net. Missing your broadcasts…. (I always wanted to be Sister) Leonie xx

  • william martin

    love your show – you should interview the fruit tree man in Crystal creek – he’s funny and brilliant. Keep it up!

    later girls!

  • Belly Sister Tess,
    Great show today with Helen Norberg-Hodge. Thankyou so much! A link here to the website she was promoting would be excellent. Love staying informed and love my local radio.

  • sister T

    hi Lauren,
    I’m really glad you enjoyed the show. Helena is a pretty amazing woman. Sister Rasela and myself do a post about each show with lots of links and details, usually within 1-2 days. We link them on the website calendar to the date each show went to air. Ideally we would manage to do it all before or immediately after the radio show, but like most bayfmmers we are volunteers and have to just do our best. sister T (but I’m doing it this minute just for you!)

  • sister Rasela

    Hi William … Tell the ‘crystal man’ to get in touch with us !! (that is of course if he is a real man and not made of crystal :) Rasela

  • Hope you catch this in time …we spoke at my exhibition Table Manners in Ballina earlier this year. I make pottery.
    I wanted to let you know I am having my annual Open Studiuo and Sale of my tableware this coming weekend 17 &18 November. There is literally stacks of unique bowls, plates, pourers etc with lots of bargains for the budget minded. All hand-crafted here in Goonengerry, 300 Mafeking Road.
    PLease let the listeners know.

  • di roberts [sister Attitude]

    Sister Tess.

    I have recently bought a YOGHURT MAKER and want to start making my own yoghurt…

    I would prefer to do soya yoghurt and have done some research, all telling me I should use powdered milk and pasteurised milk to make it.

    however I do not drink milk and would prefer not to use it [if possible]…but if i cant get any help on soya, then i will do the milk variety.

    Then of of course I will share yoghurt and information. thanks..

  • sister T

    Sister Attitude is a great name for you! I can ask the talented listeners the next time I am on air (21/1).
    Meantime, I avoid cow milk because it doesn’t agree with me, but yoghurt has no bad effects. Also most yoghurt recipes simply involve using fresh milk & some plain yoghurt as a starter, sounds better to me than powdered stuff. Just search using terms ‘making yoghurt’ or ‘making Greek yoghurt’ (my fave!)
    Reply part 2 since you got me curious – this looks like a good link, using agar to get the thickness, have fun

  • Des

    I’m always a bit suspicious of news reports on how bad veg food is for the environment, e.g. the old furphy about millions of animals being killed in producing soy (which as you said is mostly fed to animals in an inefficient and unsustainable attempt to keep doubling meat production). So I looked twice at the quinoa argument – are we really making Andean peasants starve by increasing the price they get for their main product? Or are we giving them a chance to diversify their production and their palate?

    This is a better, balanced view of the quinoa debate:

    The huge animal exploitation companies spend a fortune on spreading stories about veg food, but never tell you that 70% of the arable land on this planet (including 70% of the Amazon jungle – the erstwhile lungs of the planet) are now used for grazing or growing grains for animals to eat. I eat local quinoa, but even if I was having it flown in on a private jet I would still be causing less environmental damage than if I was buying from the meat, dairy and egg industries.

    That’s not why I’m vegan though. I just cannot find a single moral justification for exploiting sentient creatures when there are plenty of healthy alternatives.

  • Margaret Fletcher

    Today was the first chance I have had to listen to the show and I just loved it! Sister Michael is saintly in his irreverence and I found it all fascinating- especially as I am preparing a birthday dinner for my Leo daughter this month- the one who loves the sun and beach as long as she has an audience and someone to wave the fan! Would love it if you could podcast- the time slot is tricky for me! Great show. I ‘m subscribing today!

  • Like your show but usually only have a listen when its raining and the garden is too soggy. Do you have much on organics and growing with-out herbicides ? Also do you talk about seasonal food and what is grown locally during our now blurred seasons ? Thank-you, today the music was good too.

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