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tastes of the 2014 Byron Bay writers festival & a little poetry

If you caught the show, I hope you had as much fun listening as Sister D and I had bringing it to you.  I love it when the guests are misbehaving so much that I have to turn off someone’s mike, yes that means you Snowy.

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Chef, writer, festival guest Christine Manfield, phone interview with Sister Tess, Part 1


Chef, writer, festival guest Christine Manfield, phone interview with Sister Tess, Part 2


Northern Rivers Writers Centre committee member Cathy Tobin and chef and surfie and festival panellist Steve Snow, on belly today with Sister T & Sister D




Dangerously Poetic ‘tasting it twice’ event at the Bangalow Heritage museum and tea rooms

I will be playing more of these love recordings in future bellys


Introduction and a little blue jug


The difficult relationship between crackers and soup


Two siszzlingly sssexxy poems.  Funny that all we could do is laugh.  But aint that the best kind of lovin’ anyway, seasoned with lots of laughter?  And chocolate.




I know I have to post more details but it’s one am and I need to go to bed. To sleep.




Locally Grown Zucchini Flowers

Serves 4-6




1 cob of corn, kernels only

3 sprigs thyme

500ml yoghurt


Hang yoghurt in a chux cloth, leave for 4-5 days

Remove stalks from thyme, chop into a fine powder

Mix corn kernels and thyme through Labna, season to taste




25ml sweet sherry Vinegar

75ml Brookfarm macadamia nut oil

10 ml Lemon Juice

Salt to taste




100gWhite beans

20g Butter

10ml Lemon juice

20ml Brookfarm macadamia nut oil

Salt to taste

Truffle oil to taste minimal


Soak white beans in water over night

Strain and transfer to a pot, cover in water

Bring to the boil and simmer until cooked through

Strain and blend with butter, lemon juice, olive oil and salt until smooth

Heat to serve




1 baby fennel, finely shaved

2 radishes, finely sliced

1 pomegranate, seeds only




2 egg whites

150g rice flour

200ml cold soda water

Quinoa to coat


Beat egg whites to stiff peaks

Combine 100ml soda water to rice flour, gently fold through with chopsticks. Add the rest of the soda water to required consistency.

Fold through egg whites




6 zucchini flowers


To serve

Fill flowers with corn mix

Heat the white bean puree

Combine the fennel, radish and pomegranate in a bowl, dress with Sweet Sherry Dressing and season to taste

Coat the zucchini flowers with rice flour and dip in tempura batter

Dip the tip of the flower into quinoa and deep fry until crispy and golden

Season immediately


To assemble


Spoon puree onto plate, top with salad and zucchini flowers





In local news, the Bangalow Farmers Market turns 10 this year. The market was set up by a small group of local farmers and the process began in 2002, and finally set up in 2004. The goal of the farmers market was always to provide local, fresh, seasonal food to the local community in addition to their philosophy of food security, food miles, and regional sustainability. Thanks to the support of Kath and Tom Mooney, the market began in July 2004 at its present location behind the Bangalow Hotel. What began as a small number of stalls in 2004, the Bangalow Farmers market has now expanded to approximately 20 stalls. President Kaye Shadbolt states “we are a family friendly environment and all are welcome to join us in celebrating 10 healthy years in the Bangalow community”. To celebrate the 10 year anniversary a community party will be thrown by farmers and producers on Saturday July 26th. The event includes free breakfast, entertainment, and hamper prizes from 8:00 to 11:00 am.


Also celebrating a birthday is the Blue Knob Farmers Market which turns 4 this year. On Saturday the 26th of July the market will be holding a pumpkin festival and bush dance. Beginning at 9:00 am, events include pumpkin carving lanterns, a pumpkin carriage race, and a market birthday cake. Then, from 5 pm, the festivities continue with the bush dance. The bush dance begins at 6:30 pm with a live band “Bandicoot”. Prior to the dance there is a light dinner at 5:30 and followed by a delicious supper. Tickets for the bush dance are on sale at the market every Saturday ($20 individual, $30 couple, and $40 per family (negotiable). Proceeds from the dance go towards the upkeep and upgrade of Blue Knob Hall. Organizers would welcome some pumpkin, choko and food donations. If you can help out with pumpkins or chokos please see Michelle at her chutney and relish stall. If able to bring a dish along for the meal or supper please see Eric at the BackYarders table.


Saturday July 26 is proving to be a busy day for residents of the Byron Shire. The Drill Hall Theatre Company is presenting “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” by Alan Ball, writer of “Six Feet Under”, “True Blood” and American Beauty”. This fundraising event will be held at 8pm on July 26th. Tickets can be purchased from Bay FM for $20 and you will be supporting the theatre in addition to fundraising for Bay FM.   To book or purchase tickets please contact Bay FM Monday to Friday 9-5 pm on 6680 7999 or Saturday 10 am till noon. The belly sisters will be providing some tasty treats on the night, so come on out and have a taste of what the sisters can do! Come and enjoy (subject to change) coconut cake made by Michael, Tess will contribute a lemon tart, Illias Halva, and Deanna will be making gluten free chocolate cake. Maybe some other Bay FMers will be baking too!


In news out of Adelaide, a knife wielding man has robbed two teenagers of their Crispy Cream donuts. Since the city’s premiere Crispy Cream store opened up on July 4th, the store has experienced a daily queue out the door of Adelaide folk keen to taste the donuts. Things took an ugly turn on July 16th however when two teens were loading six boxes of just purchased donuts into their car when a man threatened them with a knife and robbed them of all their donuts. Interestingly, the man had no interest in robbing the teens of money or other valuables…just the donuts. Store manager Mark Higgenbottom is stepping up security as a result, but believes the robbery was an isolated incident. He has offered to replace the teen’s stolen donuts, but the pair state they are too scared to return to the store.


Social Media strikes again, with Cadbury Australia launching a new technology that gives Aussie consumers the ability to find out what chocolate flavour they are best matched to based on their Facebook profile. Cadbury has created the world’s first flavour matching Facebook powered vending machine. The “Joy Generator” allows users to log into their Facebook profile, and receive their personalized flavour match for free before taking a photo with their flavour in a social media photo booth. The app in the machine examines Facebook likes and interests across a variety of categories including charities, consumer brands, sporting clubs, music artists, TV programs, movies etc. In order to develop a match based against Cadbury Dairy Milk Flavour profiles. Advertising agency Red Agency principal Rachel White states “The Joy Generator vending machine and Flavour Matcher app are exciting world-first technology that links flavour to common likes and interests that people have on their Facebook profiles. This is a unique social experiment designed to spread more joy across the nation and provides a new take on the Cadbury conversation around flavour”. One wonders what happens if you already know what chocolate you prefer……


And lastly, speaking of social media, the Belly Bulletin would not be complete without some crazy food news out of North America. One doesn’t have to look far to see the plethora of “selfies” all over social media. Well, now, you can incorporate the selfie into your kitchen! The US has just released the Selfie Toaster. Burnt impressions, the creators of other products such as the “Jesus Toaster” have created a toaster that converts your high-resolution picture and make a toaster plate that burns your image onto a piece of bread. For $75 US you can start uploading your selfie onto a piece of toast instead of clogging your friend’s news feeds with your silly selfies.




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