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Great Roots, Roaming Francisco, Gavin Hughes, Mullum Farmers Market 5th B'Day

That was the first question I asked on the show today!

Have a think about it and if it’s been a while then I suggest you tune into the podcast I am currently uploading which will provide a plethora of great root options along with a detailed explanation of a one that’s working for me. I’m getting it all the time!

I am also joined today by Francisco from Francisco’s Table and Gavin Hughes head chef of Byron @ Byron Resort and Spa.

Podcast to come but here’s something to keep you entertained while you wait. Each week for the past 58 weeks I have been venturing down to the Byron Bay Farmers Market to collect voices of the community and bring them/you to the airwaves. Here’s the latest addition to the collection.

Live In The Shire – Week 58

Alofa atu xo

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