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Asian frittata – for Gayle

This is a belly lab recipe by Sister Tess, inspired by  guest Gayle Russell, who has been  keeping chooks for 21 years in various backyards, and now teaches adult classes in sustainable home food production.  Gayle recommends matching Vietnamese mint and eggs -  and yes, it’s a heavenly combination! thanks Gayle.

One of Sister T’s fave frittatas involves leftover pasta, and it turns out this idea works just as well with rice.  If you want to go glam, you could substitute cooked, (peeled!) prawns for the rice.  Very young garlic is another heavenly delicate thing, if you can’t get it substitute spring onions, green and white part, not normal garlic.


young garlic/garlic shoots in 4 cm pieces quickly fried with 1 tsp chopped ginger in mild flavoured oil
1/2 – 3/4 cup leftover jasmine rice (ie cooked)
1/4 to 1/3 cup roughly chopped Vietnamese mint
salt. pepper, maybe chilli
6 eggs

Break eggs into a bowl and season, add other ingredients, mix gently.  This works best if they are all more or less at room temperature.
Barely coat frypan in mild oil, heat to almost smoking on high heat
Add egg mix, lower heat, cook frittata on one side until almost cooked through, moving the pan so it doesn’t stick, and bringing in the sides with a wooden spoon or spatula to tidy them up.
Take a plate that fits well over your frypan and quickly invert the pan.  If you do this too soon you will get hot egg all over yourself or your kitchen, but it’s easy with a little practice.  Try with a small frittata first if you are unsure.
Add a tiny bit more oil to the pan and slide second side of frittata into pan to finish cooking, on low heat.

Enjoy hot or cold while watching your chickens .

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