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giovanni’s spinach pancakes

This is a delicious guest recipe by Giovanni Ebono, who presented the very popular ‘the generator’ show on bayfm, on energy and environmental issues, and was a Greens candidate. You can still get a taste of the generator on  , including plenty of stories on food activism.  Giovanni came on  belly to talk about the food of his ancestral island of Sardinia in Italy.


1-2kg very ripe tomatoes
5-8 garlic cloves
olive oil
1.5 cups of self raising flour
1 egg
250ml milk
bunch of silver beet or 3 bunches of spinach (or kale or other greens)
mustard (seeded or English hot)
300-500g ricotta cheese

Bring a large pot of water to the boil
Place tomatoes into boiling water and boil until skins split (6-12 minutes)

While tomatoes are boiling
Remove stems from greens, rough chop and place in colander
Place flour into bowl and add pinch of salt and 2tsp of mustard
Break egg into well in centre of flour
Gradually beat egg into flour adding milk to maintain fluid consistency as flour is drawn into liquid
Set aside so that flour absorbs milk

When tomato skins split or wrinkle
Pour boiling water from tomatoes over greens
Place tomatoes aside to cool
Finely chop greens and squeeze to remove moisture
Replace in colander and press under bowl to remove further moisture

When tomatoes are cool and pancake mix is made
Peel tomatoes and remove stem
Finely chop garlic and place with tomatoes
Add 100ml of olive oil and 1tsp salt per kg tomato
Gently simmer tomatoes for until reduced to paste, mashing every 5 to 10 minutes (30 minutes – 2hours)
Adjust salt to taste

Half an hour before serving
Put oven on lowest setting to keep pancakes warm
Place dinner plates in oven
Add pressed greens to pancake mix and stir in
Add milk or flour to bring mix to a smooth consistency that runs off the spoon
Fry pancakes in round pan with smear of olive oil to prevent sticking until bubbles burst
Toss and brown on other side
Place pancakes in oven to remain warm as they are cooked.

To serve
Remove warm plates and pancakes from oven
Place one pancake on each plate
Spread ricotta cheese on pancake
Roll pancakes into tube
Dribble red sauce over pancake


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