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wendy’s green beans

This is a delicious guest recipe by Wendy Taylor, who came on belly in 2004 to talk about the wonderful Slow Food organisation  and make us jealous about her upcoming trip to Italy.


for 1 person

1 handful of green beans, tails off
garlic, finely chopped
anchovies, chopped
lots and lots of finely chopped parsley
olive oil
ikan bilis – optional

Blanch beans -  you will hear them pop when they are ready, drain and cool
under cold water.
Heat wok, put in oil.  When hot stir in the garlic for 1/2 minute – do not let it burn.  Toss in the beans and anchovies and stir for1/2 minute.
Just before you plate them stir in the parsley.
For an extra  flavour hit sprinkle with shallow fried ikan bilis.

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