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gotu kola kanda

This recipe is the first in our healthy traditions series, on food believed to be extremely good for you in various cultures around the world. In the Sri Lankan tradition, it is said that gotu kola keeps you youthful, and is good for your blood and rheumatism.  This recipe is by Paul Van Reyk, a very youthful and energetic Sri Lankan cook and father of many children.  Find many more recipes by Paul here.


1 cup cooked rice (see below)

2 -3 tamped down cups of gotu kola leaves (1 bunch)

Boil rice in a lot of water until grains whole but mushy – a thick starchy soup/porridge consistency.

Pound leaves in a mortar, sieve out solids and  keep juice or puree
with a little water in a blender and sieve out solids.  Makes 2-4 tbs of bright green juice, add to cooked rice with a pinch of salt. It will have a minty/sharp/peppery flavour.  Add jaggery to taste (or honey/plain sugar).

Have a bowl each morning, you can re-cook any leftover dry rice until it is mushy to make this.

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