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Ronit's Morocco

On air on bayfm99.9 on Monday 11 April, 2011

Sister B and brother Andrew (A & B!) had a wonderful talk with Ronit Robbaz-Franco about the  country and food of Morocco.  A big thank you to everyone for keeping the belly show on the road when I could not go on air at the last minute.  [...]

on air 22 November '10 : Quentin and Katrina's family recipes

Our father went to uni in London and learned to cook in the south of France, and a few dishes from various ski resorts he visited. He was such a good cook, our Mother told him she couldn’t cook at all : a lie as her mother – our gran, was a wonderful cook, Oz style so we always ate well – our mother would threaten to feed us meat pies and peas like other people ate if we were no so keen on some dish she had slaved over in the kitchen. [...]

belly radio show April 26 - war and food special and cooking with Taurus

a housewife takes aim – wall image from the Imperial War Museum, London, Ministry of Food exhibition


Lilith is cooking with the stars – this week : Taurus

Anzac day war and food special : internees, soldiers’ rations, rationing in Australia and UK, Napoleon’s favourite battle snack, spam sushi, victory gardens, expensive cooks and the [...]

radio show 5 April 2010 - markets,fat ladies,Aries and pineapples

TOPICS : markets, in season April, cooking with the stars – Aries, choosing pineapples

GUEST : Lilith, astrogourmet and hula queen

PRESENTERS : sister T and sister B


A second generation pineapple farmer at the local market told sister T that – shock horror – the famous pull-the-leaf-out-to-see-if-the-pineapple-is-ripe trick is all a lie.  [...]