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Love belly '13


Another year, another Valentine’s day, another chance to talk about love and seduction.  A couple of hours away from floods and destruction and bad news maybe.  And with a bit of love, and chocolate, all the hard stuff is easier to deal with anyway.

This year we are starting with lots of chocolate, with Sarah Wheeler [...]

go North, go cheese

Spring is here and so is lovely rich spring milk and lots of excessively cute baby animals. Last week hungry kids of the goat kind tried to eat my trousers. And my buttons, and my shoelaces. Yes I was wearing them all at the time.


glamour goats












Belly is heading just a [...]

filo & weeds

On air on bayfm 99.9 community radio Byron Bay on 17 September 2012

On belly today I welcomed back Deanna, the celebrated (drumroll) two time winner of the Mullum farmers market bake-off, who has been sharing the joys and challenges of various types of pastry doughs.  Some she was very familiar with, some, like filo today, [...]

belly radio show April 19,2010-Matty,haloumi and lamingtons


young chef Matthew McKenzie aka Outback Mattie talks about turning his life around, from a tough childhood, to Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Melbourne program, to a cooking and TV career, and reveals the origin of the lamington!
Mad cook Dr Siggi Fried gives a cooking demonstration as her family demands edible food.
The bellysisters tell stories of [...]

15.3.10 show - kefir

TOPICS : The mighty KEFIR, the making of, health benefits, micro flora, dairy intolerances.

GUESTS : Debra Allard of Tweed Valley Farmhouse Cheeses, farmers wife, kefir/cheese lover/maker and effervescent being.

Sue’s husband Rob is a fourth generation dairy farmer, his cows graze the lush
pastures of Burringbar. As soon as the morning milking is completed Debra and Sue
pasteurise [...]