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Love belly '13


Another year, another Valentine’s day, another chance to talk about love and seduction.  A couple of hours away from floods and destruction and bad news maybe.  And with a bit of love, and chocolate, all the hard stuff is easier to deal with anyway.

This year we are starting with lots of chocolate, with Sarah Wheeler [...]

chicken, mangoes & dog biscuits...yum

on air on Byron Bay’s community radio bayfm 99.9 on January 7, 2013


Jude Fanton's green mango kasundi recipe – & gardener's fingers



For the first belly of the year Sister T & a first time bellysister, sister Michael aka sister Chicken Delight went a little silly.  It was a chooky, [...]

getting lemony with Tegs and Nicky

A big thank you to guest bellysister Tegs for sistering the belly today and inviting one of our favourite cooks, animal lover and Bay Fm co-office manager with the lovely Lina, NicKy.  Nicky also shares her tunes, and shaggy dog stories, on Fridays at 9am on bayfm, Byron Bay’s one and only community radio station [...]

A salty and simply Asian belly


On air on Bayfm 99.9 community radio on September 26, 2011

At this year’s By ron Bay Writers Festival I interviewed the 2010 Masterchef winner, Adam Liaw.  For those of you who never watch TV and managed to miss the whole Masterchef thing, he is a charming, obviously intelligent young man who looks like a very [...]

citruses, choko cake and a farmers market in the volcano


Today on belly our seasonal bellysister Alison was talking about the good things of April, even a choko cake if you want a very different birthday.  Also a new farmers market is starting up in Murwillumbah, so we had an interview with the new [...]

on air 27 December 2010 - wrapping up a delicious decade

The final belly of the year, and a favourite final guest, the very charming Belinda Jeffery. We almost thought Belinda would be flooded in today, as one of the wettest Christmases we can remember keeps the Northern NSW frog population very happy. But she made it and we had a lovely chat about the most delicious people and food developments of the year just ending. [...]

belly radio show April 26 - war and food special and cooking with Taurus

a housewife takes aim – wall image from the Imperial War Museum, London, Ministry of Food exhibition


Lilith is cooking with the stars – this week : Taurus

Anzac day war and food special : internees, soldiers’ rations, rationing in Australia and UK, Napoleon’s favourite battle snack, spam sushi, victory gardens, expensive cooks and the [...]