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Happy Birthday Byron Bay farmers market

On air on Byron Bay’s Bayfm 99.9 community radio on December 3, 2012


This was a packed & delicious show as we celebrated 10 years of something that has changed so much in the food culture of this area, the farmers market in Byron Bay, with the first manager Joni Teal, the new markets president, avocado [...]

Christmas belly 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy everything, from the Summer Solstice to whatever wonderful feast you are celebrating or using as a thin excuse for getting together with friends and family.  On this belly Christmas special we had Carols (yes! not nearly enough!), lots of listeners voices sharing their holiday cooking and eating [...]

17 May 2010 radio show : lemons, pears and jerusalem artichokes

just like diamonds, can be forever if you play your cards right.  During this show, Melissa shared some  favourite flavours from her New Zealand childhood, including the famed Edmond’s cookbook, and ones she has picked up as a professional cook in tropical Queensland.  As well as cooking at the Yum Yum Tree Cafe in New [...]