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A little seasonal foraging

On air on Bay Fm 99.9, Byron Bay community radio, on January 9 2012


We have had so much rain and heat lately that everything is growing like mad.  My veggie patch is terribly neglected and yet stuff is turning by itself , lovely self seeded volunteers for the salad bowl.  Miss January even has a [...]

on air 27 December 2010 - wrapping up a delicious decade

The final belly of the year, and a favourite final guest, the very charming Belinda Jeffery. We almost thought Belinda would be flooded in today, as one of the wettest Christmases we can remember keeps the Northern NSW frog population very happy. But she made it and we had a lovely chat about the most delicious people and food developments of the year just ending. [...]

belly 22 march 2010 - mullet, gotu kola, cucumbers

TOPICS : the mighty mullet, smokin’, eating your rampant pumpkin vine, healthy traditions – Sri Lanka (gotu kola), dr Siggi’s bad chef recipes – souffle’, Sister Rasela’s Morsels – odd uses for cucumbers

GUESTS/INTERVIEWS : Paul Van Reik, Sri Lankan born wonderful cook and food writer, and youthful father of many children
Dr Siggi Fried, bad cook [...]