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eating bugs & salad



Edible insects –






Asparagus (in season October/November) with coddled eggs and chopped pecans or macadamias




What you will need:


2 pots of boiling water one for eggs and one for asparagus. The eggs form the basis of your warm dressing so you need to be organized.


·       60ml vinegar ­

· [...]

flavours of Mullumbimby & Leah Roland's June parsnips & greens

Today on belly, I continue meeting wonderful librarians, and finding out about their food loving readers.  Sister Rasela does a musical tour of the Mullumbimby community garden, sister Deanna twists the marmalade, and Leah Roland of the Bangalow Cooking School shares a wealth of delicious recipes for some of her June favourites.


First up, a recipe [...]

Green September Alchemy

more coming, but recipes & links from today below:


GREEN IS GOOD – by Miss September

The month of green and what better recipe to have is Salsa Verde.  Add lemons as much as possible to reduce those gluts.

Indulge in blood oranges they are so good.

Salsa Verde means in Italian “green sauce”. Drizzle it over meat, fish [...]

Easter Belly

On air on Byron Bay’s community radio station Bayfm 99.9 on April 2, 2012


Sister T and Miss April, Alison Drover from Fork in the Field, had fun today talking about Easter food.  We had eggs hidden around the studio, lambs and Easter bunnies running around, hot cross buns in the oven, smelling great… In the [...]