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Hommous love affair & March flavours

Today on belly Amir Zikhron from Baraka Foods took us on a journey around the hommous restaurants of Israel, and encouraged us to be a lot more adventurous with how we eat hommous.  Sister T and Sister D explored some great fruit and veg in season in March, as we enjoy a beautiful start to [...]

Green September Alchemy

more coming, but recipes & links from today below:


GREEN IS GOOD – by Miss September

The month of green and what better recipe to have is Salsa Verde.  Add lemons as much as possible to reduce those gluts.

Indulge in blood oranges they are so good.

Salsa Verde means in Italian “green sauce”. Drizzle it over meat, fish [...]

tree cabbages and food forests

On air on Byron Bay community radio bayfm 99.9 on May 14, 2012

Today belly was all about bio-diversity, about getting down and dirty and protecting our food supplies, and sharing our knowledge. And enjoying the delicious fruits of our labours of course. Shortly Jude Fanton, director of Seedsavers, told us about food networks they [...]

October's best, from quick asparagus to an ox bone on the barbie

On air on Byron Bay’s bayfm 99.9 community radio station on October 3, 2011

October is a great month to be cooking, including fabulous asparagus.  Miss October came to belly, as she does on the first Monday of every month, to tell us what is most abundant and delicious. This month we are inspired by asparagus [...]

A salty and simply Asian belly


On air on Bayfm 99.9 community radio on September 26, 2011

At this year’s By ron Bay Writers Festival I interviewed the 2010 Masterchef winner, Adam Liaw.  For those of you who never watch TV and managed to miss the whole Masterchef thing, he is a charming, obviously intelligent young man who looks like a very [...]