belly continues with Sisters Rasela & Ilias

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poetry, cabbages & cream

A big thank you to local poet Kathryn Boorman for coming into the belly kitchen today and sharing stories of living and travelling in Vietnam and Cambodia, and especially for reading her beautiful poetry.

The local poets’ group aint called Dangerously Poetic in jest – have a look at the powerful piece below – it starts [...]

Easter with yiayia, Barbara the lamb, & Anthea's lemons & tamarillos

ready to do battle with Greek Easter eggs




We had lots of fun on belly today, in theory getting to know about the traditions of Greek Easter (Orthodox Easter was celebrated yesterday), but really being entertained and charmed by Sister Ilias’s delightful grandmother, who is possibly the oldest belly guest we’ve had so far.  I [...]

getting lemony with Tegs and Nicky

A big thank you to guest bellysister Tegs for sistering the belly today and inviting one of our favourite cooks, animal lover and Bay Fm co-office manager with the lovely Lina, NicKy.  Nicky also shares her tunes, and shaggy dog stories, on Fridays at 9am on bayfm, Byron Bay’s one and only community radio station [...]

Hot March, cool lychees, seeds & lemon tarts

On air on bayfm 99.9 in Byron Bay on March 5, 2012


Today two of our regular guests visited the belly kitchen, Alison Drover of Fork in the Field, a.k.a. Miss March, and our baking bellysister Deanna.  Miss March gave us lots of ideas on using luscious lychees, and talked about the importance of seeds.  More [...]

16 August 2010 - e-books,love and polenta

A pretty crazy show on day one of our major subscriber drive aka radiothon.  Sister T was answering phones for the previous show, Andrew Davie’s luscious Lighthouse Lounge, chatting up subscribers, and she ain’t a morning girl (why do you think we’re sponsored by a coffee company?)  Sister B had been to the gim for [...]

17 May 2010 radio show : lemons, pears and jerusalem artichokes

just like diamonds, can be forever if you play your cards right.  During this show, Melissa shared some  favourite flavours from her New Zealand childhood, including the famed Edmond’s cookbook, and ones she has picked up as a professional cook in tropical Queensland.  As well as cooking at the Yum Yum Tree Cafe in New [...]