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on air January 10 - Toorak to Rome, Lilith to Elvis, with campfire cherries

The wonderful Lilith was  in the studio today for our last episode of ‘Cooking with the Stars’.  Today’s episode is for Capricorns and those who love them and everyone who would like to hear about some of Lilith’s own adventures – the stuff of legend.  And a whole lot of famous Capricorn chefs, even a [...]

5th July Show - Spice Up Your Life, The Lovely Lilith: Cooking with the Stars - Cancerians, and


Aloha… this weeks Belly starts with tales of exotic spices from around the globe.

Take a trip from your kitchen to just about anywhere in the world by adding a pinch of this and a pinch of that…

Adding various herbs and spices to your food can literally ‘spice up your life’ by not only tantalising your taste [...]

belly radio show April 26 - war and food special and cooking with Taurus

a housewife takes aim – wall image from the Imperial War Museum, London, Ministry of Food exhibition


Lilith is cooking with the stars – this week : Taurus

Anzac day war and food special : internees, soldiers’ rations, rationing in Australia and UK, Napoleon’s favourite battle snack, spam sushi, victory gardens, expensive cooks and the [...]

radio show 5 April 2010 - markets,fat ladies,Aries and pineapples

TOPICS : markets, in season April, cooking with the stars – Aries, choosing pineapples

GUEST : Lilith, astrogourmet and hula queen

PRESENTERS : sister T and sister B


A second generation pineapple farmer at the local market told sister T that – shock horror – the famous pull-the-leaf-out-to-see-if-the-pineapple-is-ripe trick is all a lie.  [...]

belly 8.3.10 - glitter's glorious grains and cooking with pisces

TOPICS : food labelling laws, tuna, website launch, quinoa, millet and buckwheat, autumn foods, cooking with the stars for pisces

GUESTS: Glitter Girl, bayfm presenter, poet and grain lover
Lilith, astrogourmet and hula dancer

PRESENTERS : Sister B and sister T


MILLET AND MUSHROOM BAKE adapted by sister Glitter from: Food for the Seasons : Eat well [...]