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Tor's Thai cooking lesson in Bangkok

on air on Byron Bay’s bayfm 99.9 on July 25, 2011



This is the charming smiling face of Tor Klinyu, the owner and teacher at Isan House Restaurant and Cooking School in Bankok.  If you have ever wondered why there is a cliche’ about Thailand being the land of smiles, [...]

May: mushrooms, mandarins and mystery sounds

on air on Bayfm 99.9 on May 2, 2011

It’s the first belly of May, so as usual we talked about some of the delicious foods in season this month.  Ms May (aka Alison Drover) brought some  cooler weather recipes, she’s been all over Australia to see what’s in season.
It’s also the first belly of a [...]

belly radio show April 26 - war and food special and cooking with Taurus

a housewife takes aim – wall image from the Imperial War Museum, London, Ministry of Food exhibition


Lilith is cooking with the stars – this week : Taurus

Anzac day war and food special : internees, soldiers’ rations, rationing in Australia and UK, Napoleon’s favourite battle snack, spam sushi, victory gardens, expensive cooks and the [...]