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less food waste & more delicious salami

   Today on belly, sister T & sister D spend the first hour with the aptly named Aime Green, who travels the country helping
festivals to manage their waste and focus on sustainability.  And we'll be talking compost, yei! 

Then we are off on a belly safari to Billinudgel, to the Salumi Australia factory, to learn [...]

Planning a kitchen

On air on bayfm 99.9 community radio, Byron Bay, on 23 April 2012


Today on belly we talked about designing the most important room in your house, the kitchen, with Don Hansen. We spoke about materials and budgets and environmentally friendly options, but also a lot about one of Don’s big passions, good communication.




A couple [...]

on air 1 November 2010 - the secret life of spaghetti

Pasta spaghetti cannelloni lasagna macaroni and maccheroni – and so on with the hundreds of names and shapes of Italian pasta – most of us cook it at least once a week, from Africa to Antarctica to the space missions you can find people cooking versions of Italian pasta.  It is even popular in Asian [...]