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on air 15 November 2010 - journeys in time and space to Mexico and the '70s

Mexican belts – photo © Shutterstock

The belly kitchen was bubbling today, 3 wonderful women  shared stories of what cafes and restaurants were like in this area back in the 70s – some of you not born,some just can’t remember anything from that era, the rest of us have probably forgotten how fast Australian restaurant [...]

belly 6 September 2010 - springing into asparagus, TV chefs and happy pets


From today I will try taking the radio show posts straight from the show running sheet, so you can see something closer to what went to air.

It’s the  first belly of spring, also the first belly of the month when we usually have a look at what’s in season around Oz,then today’s guest  tells us [...]

radio show 5 April 2010 - markets,fat ladies,Aries and pineapples

TOPICS : markets, in season April, cooking with the stars – Aries, choosing pineapples

GUEST : Lilith, astrogourmet and hula queen

PRESENTERS : sister T and sister B


A second generation pineapple farmer at the local market told sister T that – shock horror – the famous pull-the-leaf-out-to-see-if-the-pineapple-is-ripe trick is all a lie.  [...]