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Rambling vines & perfect pulses in the Seedsavers veggie patch

On air on Byron Bay’s community radio station, bayfm 99.9, on May 28, 2012

On a lovely sunny day in May I visited Jude and Michel Fanton, directors of the wonderful biodiversity foundation, Seedsavers.  We had green tea perched on the very second hand cement blocks which edge their garden beds.  The tea was a discovery [...]

tree cabbages and food forests

On air on Byron Bay community radio bayfm 99.9 on May 14, 2012

Today belly was all about bio-diversity, about getting down and dirty and protecting our food supplies, and sharing our knowledge. And enjoying the delicious fruits of our labours of course. Shortly Jude Fanton, director of Seedsavers, told us about food networks they [...]

belly 29 March 2010 - travels with seedsavers, wild harvest, easter chocolate

During the show Jude and sister T were throwing around ideas for saving fruit trees and vines that are on public land, before they suddenly disappear due to development or old [...]

seedsavers 2005 Byron Bay feast

Seedsavers is a wonderful organisation started in Byron Bay by Jude and Michel Fanton, in a suburban house and (bare) garden.  Seedsavers now has projects around the world, supporting biodiversity and traditional farmers and home gardeners too.

And occasionally they have wonderful get-togethers in their garden (which now is a paradise of food plants from all [...]