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less food waste & more delicious salami

   Today on belly, sister T & sister D spend the first hour with the aptly named Aime Green, who travels the country helping
festivals to manage their waste and focus on sustainability.  And we'll be talking compost, yei! 

Then we are off on a belly safari to Billinudgel, to the Salumi Australia factory, to learn [...]

Hommous love affair & March flavours

Today on belly Amir Zikhron from Baraka Foods took us on a journey around the hommous restaurants of Israel, and encouraged us to be a lot more adventurous with how we eat hommous.  Sister T and Sister D explored some great fruit and veg in season in March, as we enjoy a beautiful start to [...]

Rosie, World Skills comp & Aries nibbles

On air on Byron Bay’s bayfm 99.9 on March 25, 2013


Today we have so many wonderful guests that I have cancelled most of my belly bits, so you can listen to…fabulous local Rosie Lee, who dressed up as a flying pig for one cause & is now covered in bees for another. World Skills [...]

bees, honey, mead, tomatoes, & more beezzz

On air on Byron Bay’s bayfm 99.9 community radio on 10 December, 2012

Today on belly we  talked about our precious bees.  Leah Roland from the Bangalow Cooking School  shared some honey stories & honey recipes, but in the first hour of belly we  focused mostly on the essential role they play in pollination.  Without them [...]

belly 15 february 2010 - great food markets and cooking with aquarians

TOPICS : the new Mullumbimbi farmers market, great food markets around the world, ‘cooking with the stars’, cooking styles and famous cooks of each star sign -  today aquarius


Judy McDonald, world-wide marketologist and head wrangler at the North Byron Farmers Market

Lilith, belly astrogourmet and hula queen


* Hong Kong island [...]