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A little seasonal foraging

On air on Bay Fm 99.9, Byron Bay community radio, on January 9 2012


We have had so much rain and heat lately that everything is growing like mad.  My veggie patch is terribly neglected and yet stuff is turning by itself , lovely self seeded volunteers for the salad bowl.  Miss January even has a [...]

16 August 2010 - e-books,love and polenta

A pretty crazy show on day one of our major subscriber drive aka radiothon.  Sister T was answering phones for the previous show, Andrew Davie’s luscious Lighthouse Lounge, chatting up subscribers, and she ain’t a morning girl (why do you think we’re sponsored by a coffee company?)  Sister B had been to the gim for [...]

15.3.10 show - kefir

TOPICS : The mighty KEFIR, the making of, health benefits, micro flora, dairy intolerances.

GUESTS : Debra Allard of Tweed Valley Farmhouse Cheeses, farmers wife, kefir/cheese lover/maker and effervescent being.

Sue’s husband Rob is a fourth generation dairy farmer, his cows graze the lush
pastures of Burringbar. As soon as the morning milking is completed Debra and Sue
pasteurise [...]