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tomato icecream with tomato cointreau sauce

GUEST RECIPE: an Aquarian-friendly suggestion from Lilith

- see more about Aquarians in the kitchen in the Cooking with the Stars section

“Obviously classic recipes are a yawn for Aquarians so keeping in mind their
love of the esoteric and obscure I’ve chosen a retro recipe from the Vogue
Autumn Collection of 1987 as a suitable surprise for an Aquarian birthday.”


Ingredients for Icecream:

4 medium tomatoes chopped
grated rind of 2 lemons, juice 1 lemon
4 egg yolks
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup milk, dash vanilla
300 mL thickened cream

Ingredients for Sauce:
6 tomatoes chopped, peeled, seeded
grated rind + juice of half lemon,
grated rind + juice of half orange
half cup sugar
generous Graham Kerr size slosh of Cointreau
sweet basil leaves to garnish

Method for Icecream:  Cook tomatoes till the consistency of thin jam and let
cool.  Puree the cooled mix, pass through a sieve, discard solids, add lemon
rind and juice, set aside.  Beat egg yolks and sugar together, add milk and
vanilla, cook over low heat till mix coats back of a spoon, let cool.  Then
combine the 2 mixtures together, add cream and freeze.

Method for Sauce:   Cook all ingredients except Cointreau to a thin jam.
Puree in blender, pass through sieve, discard solids, add Cointreau to
remainder and chill.

Serve a little sauce on each chilled dessert plate with tomato icecream in
the centre garnished with a sweet basil leaf.

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