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Rosie, World Skills comp & Aries nibbles

On air on Byron Bay’s bayfm 99.9 on March 25, 2013


Today we have so many wonderful guests that I have cancelled most of my belly bits, so you can listen to…fabulous local Rosie Lee, who dressed up as a flying pig for one cause & is now covered in bees for another. World Skills [...]

hot & cold,new & old Christmas; farm histories

On air on bayfm 99.9 community radio Byron Bay on 17 December 2012


Merry Christmas dear bellysisters, or happy Hannukah, or a joyous solstice, or a lovely gathering with friends and family to you.

Today the bellysisters  tried to help you have a stress free celebration by focusing on some classic elements of the traditional feast that [...]

bees, honey, mead, tomatoes, & more beezzz

On air on Byron Bay’s bayfm 99.9 community radio on 10 December, 2012

Today on belly we  talked about our precious bees.  Leah Roland from the Bangalow Cooking School  shared some honey stories & honey recipes, but in the first hour of belly we  focused mostly on the essential role they play in pollination.  Without them [...]

Italian regional food

On air on Byron Bay’s Bayfm 99.9 community radio on 21 November 2011

A Sicilian, a Roman and a Piemontese walked into a studio…and started talking about food – it could become the edible version of occupy Wall street, but lucky for the presenters who are on after us we will probably be quickly driven out [...]