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tubers in (bamboo) tubes

This is a delicious guest recipe from a 2005 Seedsavers Byron Bay get-together

See for more information on this wonderful organisation.

See Seedsavers Feast post of 19.02.2010 for more recipes

Solomon Fast Food! – Roots in Fire with Johnson of the Solomon Islands

Bamboo (we used Dendrocalamus latiflorus) cut between 2 nodes approximately  45cm long.
Cut up any root crops eg. Taro, cassava, yam, sweet potato, … & place in bamboo tubes according to type of root (don’t mix) & stuff open end with banana leaves.
Put bamboo in fire flames & cook, turning often, until bamboo is black.
Transfer bamboo tubes to the  fire’s embers & wait until the tubes steam & smell cooked.
Bamboo wall thickness affects cooking times – thinner bamboo walls means the roots cook more quickly & different root crops take different times to cook.
Approximately 40minutes on average.

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