the belly cat

This is just to show that some members of the belly family are well endowed in the stomach region.  There are occasional comments that the bellysisters don’t have big enough bellies to be serious food lovers.  But we think that, contrary to the old saying, good food can be a lifetime on the lips and a minute on the hips.  Because if something is really good you’ll always be able to remember it so well that you can taste it.  So well that your mouth will water.  Unfortunately the belly cat believes that quantity is as important as quality, and that a good workout is a lie down and a belly scratch.

After a long (15 years) happy, very healthy and greedy life the belly cat has just passed on to cat heaven, where your bowl is always full and the sun always warms up the perfect spot for a nap.

Her vet of choice, Matt the Vet, belly all creatures great and small consultant, has lots of good info on feeding and looking after your animals sustainably on

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