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poetry, cabbages & cream

A big thank you to local poet Kathryn Boorman for coming into the belly kitchen today and sharing stories of living and travelling in Vietnam and Cambodia, and especially for reading her beautiful poetry.

The local poets’ group aint called Dangerously Poetic in jest – have a look at the powerful piece below – it starts [...]

pumpkins,passionfruit & perfect cakes

And slices and chutneys and iced Vo-Vos and all those old fashioned things, also many new and surprising bits of show cookery and many stories of fascinating country shows and cooks and – that's how you get perfection – tips from the judges, in Liz Harfull's  "THE AUSTRALIAN BLUE RIBBON COOKBOOK".  Sister D. talks with [...]

Mullum bake-off, vegan time & cookbooks in bed

On air on Byron Bay’s Bayfm 99.9 community radio on 31.10.11

Tara Pearson's outrageously cute fondant monkeys


Today belly was all about the Melbourne Cup of the baking world, the second annual Mullumbimby farmers market bake-off. In the studio with Sister T were Mullum and New Brighton farmers market manager, and long term delicious belly [...]