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Pork Bellied Co-Op Jam

TALOFA LAVA AND GOOOOOD MORNING … you are with one nth of the belly sisters today, I’m sister Rasela of the hip swaying no praying belly kitchen. The Belly show is all about food. Anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime if there’s a story to share, then we’ll be there. Our community is filled with incredibly talented and passionate people who care about what goes in their mouths … for it is the entrance to your soul. Nourish your body with loving goodness and it will repay you as best it can.


So, what’s on the menu today ?!

We’ll be visited by Matthew Jamieson from Sunforest Farms … and I’m finally going to get the chance to ask him where he gets all his colourful shirts and big hats from. He’s a farmer with his own unique style that’s for sure, and one of a few that make up the vibrant ambience at the markets when the rest are still half asleep.  We’re going to chew the fat and have a chat about what he does, how and why.


In the second half of the show we’ll be joined by Anthea Amore from Organic Passion Catering, swinging by to talk about her involvement in the CO-OP at Kulchajam (out at the Ind Est) and it’s upcoming first birthday celebration. We’ll find out how the first year has been for them, where it’s going, what It’s all about, how you can get involved and the benefits you’ll reap if you do.


In between all of that I have recordings from near and far, one in particular I discovered on  

THE BYRON MOVEMENT website under the heading – GROWTH

We hear from Winona LaDuke who is an American Indian activist, environmentalist, economist, and writer of Anishinaabe descent. Winona lives and works on the White Earth Reservations and is the mother of three children. She is also the Executive Director of Honor the Earth, where she works on a national level to advocate, raise public support, and create funding for frontline native environmental groups. 

She gives a fascinating and informative talk on TEDx called THE SEEDS OF OUR ANCESTORS

Let’s start with some music … here’s a hula track to get you swaying like a palm tree in the breeze on this gorgeously stunning day … it’s called Life in these Islands performed by Kaukahi. Happy Monday.

In These Islands

MATTHEW from SUNFOREST FARMS comes in to chat about now … and just as I was getting lost in the world of hula and up dancing round the studio. I’m sure he doesn’t mind. I’ve seen him busting some serious dance moves at the Island Vibe Festival so I know he’d appreciate it.

Unfortunately I can’t bring you one iota of the interview as sometimes the facility that records our shows automatically at the station (for legal reasons) gets a little glitch in it and it jumps and skips like a fairy on a sunbeam. It was hugely educational for me as I am a long term vegetarian and eat a pretty varied vegan diet most of the time so I learned a great deal about pig farming, duck loving and edible parts of a pigs body. Ew yuck that sounded so barbaric … edible parts of a pigs body … it makes me feel squeamish but I was fine on the day and genuinely wanted to learn more about something I honestly know nothing about.

Matthew is a natural storyteller full of fascinating energy so time flew and before we knew it pigs found wings and flew back to the farm. Here’s an email address for Sunforest farms so you can get in touch with Matthew if you feel the need to eat one of his very pretty porky pigs – bigturkey@sunforest.com.au




ANTHEA AMORE – ORGANIC PASSION CATERING drove all the way from a retreat they were catering for in Uki to be in the studio on time to chat about the forthcoming Kulchajam Co-Ops FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY CELEBRATIONS !!

Their mission is to provide an opportunity for community to engage in the operation of a food cooperative that will provide fair access to ethical whole foods and local products while increasing health and building relationships across the northern rivers region.

It’s a vibrant, dynamic meeting place for the diverse northern rivers community to access ethical whole foods at accessible prices.  From the commercial kitchen and meeting space at Kulchajam, community will operate the food cooperative, share food preparation skills and good food together.

Food is provided at close-to-wholesale price. For this community model of operation to work, it requires your personal time contribution as this is highly valued and an essential ingredient in non-commercial operations.



The CO*OP aims to educate members and the public about the environmental, social and health benefits of sustainably produced food. Their goal is to help protect the natural environment by educating people about the environmental benefits of locally produced, organic food while furthering the cause of social justice by making it available at low cost to the community.


Become a Founding Partner

Match our funds of $1,200 and be acknowledged as one of our founding partners in the co-op space, online, press & in our social media. You will also receive a lifetime co-op membership, 

Start-Up Seed Funders

Pledge any amount of funds towards the successful start up of the co-op and be acknowledged in the space, on our website & in our social media.

Become a CO*OP Member

Membership is $60 per year and gives you access to organic, local and fair trade food at close to cost price. Click here to become a member today!

 Donate Supplies & Equipment

Provide donations of food products or equipment in exchange for acknowledgement. Please contact us at coop@kulchajam.org


It is also the most incredible venue for a variety of mouth watering events. Personally I’ve attended heartfelt music performances, vocal harmony groups, Hawaiian hula lessons and hung out both inside the everchanging venue and outside around the ever glowing bonfire.

Must get onto all the other neglected pages I have left empty so far this year. It’s a perfectly gorgeous gloomy day for website and belly homework Whatever you’re doing and wherever these words reach you I hope you are warm and smiling.

Alofa atu,

Sister Rasela xo 


Blazing Community Radio


Talofa Lava and welcome to Belly the droolingly delicious food show on the equally scrumptious community radio station in Byron Bay the beeeeaautiful Bayfm – http://www.bayfm.org

Sister Rasela of The Swayingday Saints here in the belly kitchen today to cook up a blisteringly hot show for you live from the very heart of town. We’re about to send out sensationally amorous aromas to YOU and that belly of yours.

The Bayfm fires are heavily stoked and brazenly blazing enough to send out marshmallow puffs of pure white love and hot pink happiness across the Shires airwaves to YOU. It’s less about where and more about there so that we can all share a similar experience at the same time from many different places. I’m so grateful for the gift of community radio and those magical airwaves that help spread the lurrrrve.

Thank you for listening and supporting YOUR community radio station. It’s because of you, out there turning us on, subscribing, sponsoring, enjoying, sharing and actively participating in what we do … that we can do what we do …. and the do today is the Belly show where you’ll hear tasty morsels of deliciousness for the next two hours.

Big love to sister Tess who is getting her leg over at the moment … or is getting over her leg … one or the other?! Either way our sister is out of action so let’s join together and send lashings of limping love and hopping hiccups of hugs in all directions for her. Hope you mend soon sis !!


The fabulous Sister Michael and I had a belly chat over a cuppa at the TWILIGHT MARKETS on a sun setting Saturday afternoon recently and talked about tummy rumbling ways to keep bringing tasty and inspiring radio to the airwaves with the rest of the family. We could well end up attempting to eat our way around the Shire recording our outings and stuffings where required with anyone willing to share the same same but different experience with us. Trouble is it’s hard to record things when your mouth’s full!

So we’ll need a bit of help.

Personally I LOVE hearing YOUR voices on air and that’s why I’ve been getting out and about more with my trusty recorder chatting with mind-blowingly fascinating members of our ridiculously wonderful community. It’s such an honour to be able to hear your stories and record moments in time that will never be again. Please don’t stop talking to me.

If only it were that easy … but I’m glad it’s not for in the editing process I get to blissfully relive and recreate the moments from back then, in present time, and bring them into the right here, right now, to tell a tale from the past that is heading into the future haha I think I need to meditate.

Actually it’s not that hard thanks to the stories I gather as I engage with the beautiful souls willing to share their descriptions of emotions, raw and alive. It’s an honour truly to be in a position to capture such constant inspiration and information. Usually these times of emotional capturing are accompanied by offers of food, hugs, poetry recitals, music, a cheering up, a calming down, an education, a good old giggle, a bite of this, a slurp of that, a realisation, a love generation … and EVERYONE beams the most beautiful smiles into my microphone.

The gentleness and the generosity in the Shire makes it easy for me to follow my dreams and do only what I love. One of those things is to capture heartfelt moments that will never come again but will go on living forever as sound.

Fa’afetai lava.


Here you are –  BFM Week 7 – at the Byron Farmers Market.


I’m always proud to represent BayFM and I’m forever blown away by how many opportunities come our way. There are so many great people involved and connected to the station and here it stands in the heart of town like our family home. We are all brothers and sisters here, we take the good with the bad because at the end of the day we share the same passion and we’re doing something we collectively LOVE. It’s a powerful thing … it’s magnetic!!

All those original, diverse, entertaining, ever-engaging, often changing, never plain sailing, not always unfailing, hugely adorable, occasionally snoreable, quirky, unique, feathered and freaked beings in one place connected to the same thing.

Together we present the REAL that’s left in the world and we’re spreading it like coconut oil right across the airwaves for YOU … for the pure LOVE of it.


We have Byron’s own ‘Lord of the Chillies’ Lord Stephen Probert coming on to talk about some pretty hot stuff. When I get a ’roundtoit’ I will edit the harmoniously heated discussion about one of my favourite things in the world …. CHILLI !!

Head to one of the markets and look for Steve’s stand. Have a chat with him there or wait til I get a roundtoit and you can hear the story of sweltering Steve HERE … soon.

Here’s my favourite by far for all of it’s flavoursome fire – Chocolate Habanero.


I originally came across Steve and his blazing stall at THE TWIGHLIGHT MARKETS in Railway Park Byron where Sister Michael and I found ourselves strolling on the aforementioned afternoon. We were looking for fanciful delights to enliven the senses and skid marked up to the counter forthwith upon site of the sauces. Steve was dishing out tasters with names like “Steve’s Toughy Pants Sauce” and one simply adorned with a mockingly menacing skull and crossbow. Neither of these however have a patch on my little brothers home grown hand made jars of molten lava.

He calls his ……


“Burning Rectum”

… available now in all good hospitals.

Alofa atu xo Rasela


Shire not Shy


Talofa Lava sister Rasela in the belly kitchen today bringing you flavoursome radio for the next two hours on this magnificent Monday.

I hope you had a lovely weekend full of delicious food and company. I certainly did … I took to the streets with my mic and met loads of new people and gathered a bunch of new voices from all kinds of folk wandering up and down Jonson Street yesterday from all corners of the world. From as far away as Sudan to as close as Byron itself we are going to hear an afternoon live on the streets of the Shire when I basically ask anyone who’ll talk to me about their favourite foods from their country of origin. You might be in there too so keep listening and if you are then thanks for letting me stick my microphone in your beautiful face and for being a part of the Belly show today.

I also have to say a bit thanks to Ashgirl who presents Random Rhythms, the show on Saturday nights from 6-8 for allowing me to base myself on her hairbraiding stall just outside Fundies there, where together we managed to pull in a huge variety of people to offer a vocal contribution and some interesting stories to bring to air today. It’s so great to be able to gather audio pieces from you guys out there wandering amongst us that we may otherwise  walk straight past, and I’m forever grateful to BayFM for giving us all the opportunity to share in this crucially creative community radio station that allows us to bring the diversity of our Shire to air each day.

Here are those recordings captured amongst some fine lunchtime tunes that are easy to digest while we wait to greet a Brazilian young lady I met yesterday currently making her way in to share her personal food stories and life adventures from Sth America. Live music from her partner and member of Rapskallion pictured below will accompany this interview as belly turns Brazilian in the kitchen’s second hour.


But before all that … I want to share a part of myself with you if you’ll let me because we all have a story don’t we ?. The name sister Rasela comes from my Samoan heritage and I’m proud to be connected to the pacific islands that are so much a part of me now … but it wasn’t always that way and I didn’t always have the courage or confidence to approach total strangers and ask them questions … let alone bring those questions to air on radio so here’s a little introduction to who I am, your Samoan Chopsuey tutti fruitti belly sister who’s been up here presenting this show in some way shape or form for the past 4 or 5 years. The piece is taken from the Wirritjin show I covered for DJ Terra Nullis last year but I’ve never played it on my own show so I thought hey, why not I’m asking everyone else to share their stories so it’s only fair that I do too.

Here is my story –

Siva Siva reading or https://soundcloud.com/chopsuey-roaming-radio/cultural-awareness-bayfm-siva

Here are your stories –

Part One – Live in the Shire Belly

Part Two – Live in the Shire Belly

Part Three – Live in the Shire belly 3

I hope you find something in any one of these stories today that encourages or inspires you to share your own one day, with us here, on YOUR community radio station, the beautiful BayFM.

GIVEWAY TODAY … You don’t have to be a subscriber, this giveaway is for everyone. It’s FREE LOVE and you don’t even have to call us up, just turn the volume up if you want some more and stay tuned to BayFM where we positively pump out the love 24 hours a day 7 days a week for YOU our luscious listener!!!

Time to sway away. Here’s a Hawaiian hula goddess to help us with that.


Fai fai lemu (take it easy) til we meet again.

Alofa atu,