belly continues with Sisters Rasela & Ilias

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The best way to contact the bellysisters is by calling the wonderful community radio station that allows us to talk to you every week, Bayfm 99.9 in Byron Bay, Australia – during office hours.

Bayfm’s number is (02) 6680 7999

Just ask one of the lovely office volunteers to leave a message for us.  They can’t give you our numbers but will do their best to get a message to us quickly.

Please note that owing to work and other commitments we may not get your messages or emails for several days, but we will do our best to respond as fast as we can.

We are very happy to receive interview requests, but the show is often planned and overfilled with (hopefully) delicious stuff several weeks ahead – have a look at the “coming up” list on the home page (left). If you aren’t sure which bayfm show to contact, send an email request to, or ring bayfm.

If you have the old belly (at) belly email address, that still reaches me sister Tess, but I’m now living in New Zealand and no longer doing belly.

We very much welcome comments, feedback, suggestions, any contribution you’d like to make. You can also use the comments box at the bottom of most pages of the belly website. Your comment will appear after one of us reads it to make sure it isn’t spam.



Thank you very much for listening to belly and visiting our online home


love, peace and chocolate cake,


Sister Tess

2 comments to CONTACT US

  • Andrea

    Hi, I was listening to Monday show and you talked about a recipe for Lemon Almond & Ricotta cake but I can’t find it on your website. Can you help me locate it please.


  • Allira

    Hello Belly Sisters!

    I very much enjoy listening to your show and thought I may have an opportunity to give back to you…

    My friend Juliette will be visiting from the UK in February and will be doing some workshops on raw nutrition and raw chocolate making (just before Valentines Day for the latter!). I thought you might like to have her on your show :-) If possible you could interview her on Monday 10th Feb if that fits with your schedule? Let me know.

    Thanks for making my Mondays so yummy!

    Best wishes,

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