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totally innocent semi-dried tomatoes

They are innocent because they aren’t killer tomatoes.  Have you seen “Attack of the killer tomatoes” ? Great movie.
Commercial ones are being investigated, but why buy them when it is so easy to do your  own.

These are really slow roasted tomatoes, that is the name you will usually see on restaurant menus, but in shops they are mostly sold as semi-dried.  Probably because dried tomatoes are expensive, so semi-dried can be at least semi-expensive.

Cut tomatoes in half – preferably use roma variety or any tasty ones
Get rid of most liquid and seeds, place skin down on an oiled baking tray
Sprinkle on a little salt and sugar, maybe pepper, olive oil
Add any flavours of your choice (or not) – fresh or dried herbs, garlic slivers, balsamic vinegar, chillies – not too much
Cook in a low oven (you can use a medium oven if you are in a hurry) until they look good to you
They will keep in the fridge covered with a layer of olive oil for a few days

This is a belly lab recipe by Sister Tess

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