ros’ spinach & preserved lime pasta

Ros is the Bayfm President and award winning presenter of the Go Earthcare show, you can hear her on at 11am Wednesdays.  She has been on belly a couple of times as she is a keen cook and of course keen on sustainable living.  This shows in all her recipes.

Pop a whole Knob of garlic into high temp oven to roast, then cut into small pieces.
Pick a big bunch of spinach from the garden, wash, drain and stew with 2-3 Tbs butter
Add a couple (or to taste) of green chilies from the garden if you like a little heat.
(Can add a couple tomatoes cut into dice to stew as well but not necessary).
cut 1/4 of a1/4 of a home made preserved lime or lemon into very small pieces.
3-4 long anchovies cut in small pieces.

Pasta of your choice cooked al dente.
Add all ingredients to drained pasta.
Enjoy with red wine!!!

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