belly continues with Sisters Rasela & Ilias

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getting lemony with Tegs and Nicky

A big thank you to guest bellysister Tegs for sistering the belly today and inviting one of our favourite cooks, animal lover and Bay Fm co-office manager with the lovely Lina, NicKy.  Nicky also shares her tunes, and shaggy dog stories, on Fridays at 9am on bayfm, Byron Bay’s one and only community radio station [...]

music and stories from the Pratten sisters, and fresh peppercorns

on air on bayfm99.9 on May 9, 2011

This was a 4 – sister belly: sister T and sister B with 2 of the 3 Pratten sisters, now Joan Ajala and Ruth MacIntosh, but once girls growing up in Lismore, just before and after WW2, with their other sister and 3 brothers.  Joan and Ruth told [...]

Byron Bay writers festival report, flatmates, Rob's olives

A new bellysister joined Sister Tess for this belly show, the lovely Sister Robert.  Sister Rob came to Byron from Sydney for the 2010 Byron Writers Festival.  He went to several foodie events at the Festival, including a workshop by Vietnamese Australian chef Luke Nguyen and local writer Victoria Cosford’s launch of her first book, [...]