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tasting NSW with the Sample festival and the Good Food Guide

On air on Bayfm 99.9 community radio 12/09/2011


The Sample Festival judges hard at work: L to R Steven Snow, Joanna Savill, Barbara Sweeney and Belinda Jeffery

A show packed full of goodness.   I took listeners to last Saturday’s Sample food festival, where I spoke to happy people in the sun, and local food legends Steve [...]

on air March 7: Italian in season flavours, women's voices & Danish Mardi Gras

It was a March hare’s mad tea party of a show today. Alison Drover was our guest fresh reporter and she was in an Italian mood, she prepared a whole lot of info on fruit and veg in season in March, especially zucchini eggplant and figs, then she couldn’t get to the studio so [...]

The belly love boat sails the world on Valentine's day

The belly love boat went on a lovely world cruise today, thanks to a whole bunch of delicious romantics who shared their ideas for food and love with Sister T (captain T for today) and Sister B, on a special valentine edition of belly. [...]

on air January 10 - Toorak to Rome, Lilith to Elvis, with campfire cherries

The wonderful Lilith was  in the studio today for our last episode of ‘Cooking with the Stars’.  Today’s episode is for Capricorns and those who love them and everyone who would like to hear about some of Lilith’s own adventures – the stuff of legend.  And a whole lot of famous Capricorn chefs, even a [...]

Spring has Sprung... Tis the season to get fresh... plus Raw Chocolate mmmmm say no more!

As always your taste buds can be tuned to the beautiful BayFM on a Monday morning where we serve up an hour of mouthwatering radio. Sister Rasela cooking up a storm for you today in the Belly kitchen and springing into action with talk of how this beautiful season allows us to connect with nature, [...]

belly 6 September 2010 - springing into asparagus, TV chefs and happy pets


From today I will try taking the radio show posts straight from the show running sheet, so you can see something closer to what went to air.

It’s the  first belly of spring, also the first belly of the month when we usually have a look at what’s in season around Oz,then today’s guest  tells us [...]

belly 29 March 2010 - travels with seedsavers, wild harvest, easter chocolate

During the show Jude and sister T were throwing around ideas for saving fruit trees and vines that are on public land, before they suddenly disappear due to development or old [...]