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hot hot hot in the kitchen

Today on belly you are with me Sister T and with  sister D as we burn down the belly kitchen on the last Monday of the bayfm winter season.  That’s ok cos after 1 we will have firemen in the studio, yes really, also getting on top of hot flushes & hot weather with ayurvedic food, a bbq recipe book review, your favourite hot weather foods, & the hottest seedsaver I know, Jude Fanton, with be with us very soon to talk about what is happening in the world of seedsaving & in her veggie patch. mmm, mulberries…  so much fun getting all purple & sticky.  But first, hot off the presses,  the new belly summer lineup – continuing the tasty & ever changing rotation of sisters Rasela, Michael & Ilias, with occasional kitchen assistance by sister Deanna.  Introducing the very fabulous sister Kris, who you might know from bayfm’s Sunday Morning Coffee program.  And off to work out just what hobbits have for breakfast, and so leaving belly after ten years in the kitchen, sister Tess.  Yes today  is my last show, so as a special present to myself and to you, I am very happy to finally welcome to belly one of this area’s most talented musicians, the wonderful singer,songwriter, pianist & poet, Vasudha Harte from the Dinkum Bohos.  We have been talking about doing this for a very long time, every time I see her perform i want to run away and do something wild and bohemian and romantic and free, or at least drop whatever I’m doing and just listen.











Maria is a long time belly listener, who remembers our very first show and our very first guest, the very wonderful Delta Kay.  Hopefully Maria will come on belly soon, but she has given belly a whole lot of recipes that follow the ayurvedic principle she has lived by for many years.  One interesting point that she makes, very relevant in a place that does get very hot and humid at times (and also for the very large number of women around here enjoying the weird and wonderful menopausal hot flushes), is how you can simply alter the heating and cooling effect of dishes.  And drinks, like the rainbow region’s national hot beverage, chai.



I use all organic fortunate to be able to do so…

Quarter tspoon -
Fennel seeds…cumin seed…black mustard seeds (yellow in summer)…

Small onion finely chopped
Fresh ginger finely sliced or grated…i use differing amounts depending on
my warmth
Fresh grated turmeric…(a small finger…ps..turmeric should ALWAYS be
Quarter tspoon …cumin…coriander seed
Half tspoon salt
One tablespoon ghee ( i make my own but the health food stores in this area
now sell organic ghee)
An eighth cup of mung dhal(soaked overnight then rinsed well)
One quarter cup of basmati rice (soaked overnight then rinsed well)
3 cups water

With ayurveda…there is an order to cooking all of these
ingredients…seeds are always first to be cooked in the ghee…then onion
then ginger/turmeric then powders..then rice/mung…and the easiest way to
know when to add onion is once the mustard seeds pop
Ayurved always cook on low heat….nothing is wildly boiled.

So…on low to medium heat put ghee…add seeds…once popping add onion
til translucent..then ginger ,turmeric…then powders (i make my powders
fresh in a coffee grinder..though i use a mortar and pestle for cardamom
Then add rice/mung stir till slightly translucent also then add water…cook for around 30 mins
Depending on whatever…I will add a handful of chopped veg and a half cup
of boiled water for another 20 minutes


I just made this last week.  Not a set one..more of a thick liquid…its a fab aid to

One large fresh ginger root (i cup grated)
One and half cups water (to be honest i usually only use one cup as it
doesn’t always thicken well)
Half cup apple concentrate
I tablespoon fresh organic lime of lemon peel grated
Half teaspoon dry ginger powder

Peel and grate ginger. Combine with water, apple concentrate, lime peel,
and ginger and cook over medium-low heat until thick 10-12 mins.
Keeps in fridge for 3 to 4 days.
After cooking add 5 thread saffron and quarter tspoon each of ground
cloves, nutmeg and cardamom


I  make a chai masala (powdered blend of spices) which I add to
water…slowly bring to boil then add tea leaves sugar and milk…so for my
chai I roughly use one 3rd milk 2 thirds water…

And the spice mix is:

1 tspoon fennel seed
4 cardamom pods
5 to 6 cloves
1 star anise
Half stick cinnamon
Quarter tspooon ginger powder

Actually..thats the ingredients for a pot for two as is,  but when i make the
masala I multiply all that by 4 and grind then one tspoon per person
If I’m making it for a friend who suffers hot flushes then I will omit
cinnamon and half  the ginger powder..and add a few more fennel seeds
which are cooling

…oh how i love ayurveda

by Maria Wilson, thank you so much Maria



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